Snowberry Youth Renewing Serum with eProlex


The Intensive Renewal Face Serum is the perfect anti-ageing serum for women (and men) age 25+, especially with sensitive skin; and when lines and wrinkles are becoming evident, and/or inflammation is a concern.  

Proven by gold standard clinical trial at Dermscan, in France, the Serum delivers the World First Peptide Power Pack called eProlex™ , supported by MASS*  to;

✓     Re-densify ageing skin
Strengthen the epidermal basement membrane and so decrease skin sagging
Stimulate the skin’s natural collagen, elastin and glycan production and so smooth the skin
Reduce photo damage and inflammation and so increase skin radiance and improve skin tone
Increase skin hydration and plumping

*MASS = Multi-Active Skin Support System

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