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Pure Peony Logo

Dove River Peonies was started in Nelson, New Zealand, by parents of children who all have severe eczema.

They tried everything – Immunologists, Homeopathy, Allergy testing – you name it, they tried it.

Today they have an ever widening variety of 100% natural products that really work for Eczema, Rosacea and Psoriasis.

Pure Peony Sensitive Skin Creme soothes and heals red, dry, and itchy skin. Consequently it is a wonder treatment for an array of sensitive skin conditions.

As a result of using heavy disinfectants for her tools, Kitti suffers from contact dermatitis on her fingers. Yet she knows, after applying Pure Peony Sensitive Skin Creme twice a day for 2 days, it’s gone.

Many more people have experienced similar effects. Our own tech specialist, suffers from extreme psoriasis on her hands and feet, or did, until she met the healing wonders of the sensitive skin creme. It helped heal the wounds and bumps, and strengthen the new skin underneath. For more on her story, you will find her own experience with Pure Peony Sensitive Skin Creme, click here.    

Pure Peony are certified by the Eczema Association and British Pharmacopoeia, so you can trust in the science and quality of their products.

Pure Peony products are:

✓     100% Natural
✓     Organic Homegrown Peonies
✓     Animal Friendly (Vegan)
No Animal Testing
Scientifically proven
✓     Approved by the British Pharmacopoeia
✓     Approved by the Eczema Association
✓     Helps Dermatitis
Helps Eczema
Helps Psoriasis
Helps Rosacea
Made in and of New Zealand

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