The brands we collate together for your sensitive skin each have their own unique stories of how they cater for sensitive skin.

 The common theme among them all is this;

In the cosmetics industry, there is a lack of products that do what they say, and too many products marketed to a sensitive skin that in reality, are not effective or kind to the skin.

It is easy to fall into the trap of “Natural is better”, especially when it comes skincare. The counter argument for some however, is that “science can be measured” and is also important to understand.

If plant products aren’t stabilized or formulated in a way that can truly benefit our skin, they can cause just as many problems for a sensitive skin.

At Holistic Kiwi we are proud to bring to Europe a range of natural New Zealand made productsthat are not only household names for sensitive and problematic skin, but they also have the backing of science.

All our products are

Made in
New Zealand

The Best of Nature and Science

Independently Tested

Animal Friendly & No Animal Testing


Free from Parabens and Silicones

Our Brands