About Holistic Kiwi

Holistic Kiwi Shop brings high quality and natural, New Zealand made skincare Europe.

Our mission is to ensure we only endorse hypo-allergenic skincare that deliver what they promise. That means they must effectively aid sensitive skin.

Notably, these natural products not only help heal and nurture sensitive skin, they also actively care about the rainforests, oceans, animals, and their environmental impact.

For this reason, the products on Holistic Kiwi Shop are all natural, hypo-allergenic and safe to use for the whole family.

To ensure reliability, they not only go through standard regulatory checks, but are personally tested here at Holistic Kiwi as well.

Furthermore, clients of Holistic Kiwi Practice also get the chance to try and review any potential products, before we decide to stock them. 

Since moving to Europe, Kitti has helped many people by using natural, hypo-allergenic products and gentle, effective skin treatments for issues such as:





Acne & Oil Balance


Follow her product tips, which can be found with our product descriptions to ensure you are making the best choice for your skin!